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Conference 3/26/2020

Conference 3/26 will again be virtual. The last week of this month’s conference should finish off the pulmonology block. The Q&A section had good feedback and we would like to do that again as part of the ongoing series after the initial lectures. We will have both resident and attending lectures as part of the virtual conference.


Toxicology day at the Ft Worth Zoo.

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Ft Worth EM Residency – Residents & Attendings

This was a fantastic day organized by the Chief of Toxicology, Dr Todd Phillips MD, FACEP (, with guest speaker Dr Spencer Greene MD, MS, FACMT, FAAEM, FACEP, a renowned toxicologist and snakebite expert (You can read more about Dr Greene here ). Much thanks also to Diane Barber, Zoo Curator of Ectotherms for allowing us to evaluate multiple exhibits. All of the residents and faculty were taken on a personalized tour behind the scenes in conjunction with Zoo veterinarians who specialize in the care and maintenance of venomous and exotic reptiles.

Dr Spencer Greene lecturing on exotic and crotalid envenomations
From left to right Dr Abdel-Raziq (PGY2), Dr Cohick (PGY3), Dr Carroll (PGY3), Dr Philpott (PGY1)

The above photo captured a very heated discussion between these physicians regarding the orientations of a reptilian animal currently in the exhibit called a Gharial. Only about 2/4 agreed that it was crocodilian, the other 2/4 agreed it was some sort of fish maybe? hard to say. There was no final consensus reached.

Local CBS news also got wind of our envenomation day and came and interviewed our faculty and zoo personnel

Dr Todd Phillips dropping some TTT knowledge on CBS

See below for the link to the full video:

Now, Onto business…

If you missed it last night, EMRAP had a live virtual conference that was essentially about covid updates, circulating literature, and addressing some new developments – ie NSAID use, Mortality statistics etc. You can recap it here:

Next up:

As we have the upcoming lecture on advanced PE management and thrombolysis considerations from Dr Patel (APD), I thought it would be a good idea to include an article from LITFL (FOAMed) here for your review regarding EKG changes and pathognomonic patterns seen in PE’s.

by Dr Ed Burns

Also advanced reading regarding EKG in PE’s

Here is a good discussion of the PERC rule specifically, application correctly and pitfalls, also from LITFL:

by Dr Chris Nickson

Here is an interesting video from a FOAMed site called ( )which shows quickly how to implement the ARDSNet strategy in ventilator management in a quick 5 minute video.

Thats it for now, stay tuned for virtual conference this week

Photo credits:

K. Holmes DO FACEP
S. Meyering DO FAAEM

Stefan Meyering DO, FAAEM, FACEP

Dad, Academic EM Attending Physician, Fish Nerd & Backyard Mechanic | APD @ Ft Worth EM | Interests: Graduate Medical Education, Risk Management and Legal Medicine, POCUS, Free Open Access Medical Education (FOAMed), Physician Wellness

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